Friday, July 25, 2014

Podcast Episode 1 – Segment 3 – Facts and English Tips


 Strawberry is not actually berry, but a banana is. This’ been country Shane bringing you to the Facts.

English Tip:

Okay, it’s time for today’s English tip. And come on, this is podcast. And this is all about listening. So one really important thing, if you want to master English
is you have to use English every day. Now I know sometimes it’s very difficult to speak English. Maybe there are no foreigners around you; maybe your family doesn’t want to speak English with you; maybe you’re all alone. Well, even if you’re alone, I want you to repeat after me, but minimally, at the minimum, you have to listen every day. 
 That’s why I make this Podcast. This is one tool you can use to listen to English. Now you can sit on your desk and listen. But the nice thing about the Podcast is you can wash dishes and listen; you can be driving and listen; you can be exercising; you can be doing anything and listen. Even at the office, turn the volume down below and listen. 
 Podcasts are the great tool to keep you in practice. Now only by listening, you’ll never master English, but by improving your listening skills, you will improve your confidence, and it will have the effect on your pronunciation. So once again, the tip of today is to listen, listen to English as much as possible. 
 It can be my podcast, it can be other podcasts. It can be Pop songs, If you’re Justin Bieber’s fan, listen to Bieber; if you’re Queen Fan, listen to Queen. Whatever the music is that you like, listen to it in English. 
Listen to the news, CNN is pretty difficult, but things like NPR, that’s National Public Radio, that’s not too bad, there are many talk shows. And radio stations that you can find it online too. Of course, it’s going to really difficult to understand everything, but once again, use it as background noise, create an environment of English around you. If you are not exercising, if you don’t clean your room, if you are not doing a dishwasher, this is an excellent excuse to start.  
Start exercising, just walking, starts cleaning your room, starts doing the dishes, and all you do it, it will be your personal time to listen to English, listening to a podcast, listening to the news, listening to a radio station. All of these are available online. 
I hope you enjoy the Podcast. I’m very curious as to whether you like it, how were your criticisms, your comments.
Now listen to the entire podcast.

Podcast Episode # 1

  1. Segment 1 -- interesting news
  2. Segment 2 -- questions and answers
  3. Segment 3 -- Fact, English tips and audio program for your listening skills   

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