Friday, May 29, 2020

Hindi Grammar Course - Udemy Discount Coupon for June 2020

Learn Essential Hindi Grammar, Most Common Conversations, Important Vocabulary & much more! (for English Speakers)

It’s a perfect course if you already know some basics of Hindi and don’t want to start from the absolute beginning.

Here, you will learn essential Hindi Grammar, most common conversations, and important vocabulary.

In this course, you will learn,

· Sentence Structure and tricky things about Hindi Grammar

· Gender

· Singular/Plural

· Tenses

· Most common conversation and sentences

· Important Vocabulary

· And much more!

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Join the Hindi Grammar Course at Discount Price

Urdu Language Practice Tests & Quiz - Udemy Course Discount Coupon for June 2020

This Test Covering Urdu Reading, Writing, Grammar, Listening, Vocabulary, Most Common Phrases and General Comprehension.

This practices tests course will help you to check your Urdu score & grade. And based on your score, you will know how much harder work you need to do to achieve your goal.

There might be a lot of things that you can’t normally learn by yourself. But these tests will really help you to learn those things that you didn’t think about that in the past. So that is another good reason to take that practice tests.

Also, there might be a knowledge gap in your Urdu skills. And these tests will help you to fill that gap by improving your skills. It will ensure you that you are not missing anything.

Urdu Language Practice Tests & Quiz - Udemy Course Discount Coupon for June 2020

Learn Urdu Language in 15 Days - Udemy Course Discount Coupon for June 2020

Detailed Course to Learn Urdu Speaking, Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary, & Conversations in SUPER ULTRA Easy Way

Urdu Language Course with Get Feedback From Me!

Learning the basics of Urdu language without Grammar can help you a little bit, but it won’t help you to understand, speak, or write sentences. So here, a reason comes in to create this course with Urdu Grammar.

And that is not the only thing. I have also included most common sentences, daily conversations, and vocabulary, that will able you to listen, understand, and speak in real situations.

So, it’s a perfect course for beginners, and intermediates who have some lack of Urdu knowledge, and they have missed a lot of tricky points of Urdu language.

I am teaching this course step by step in SUPER ULTRA EASY WAY.

And I must say, you won’t believe in your skills when you will finish this course. You will improve your Urdu learning skills dramatically in just 15 days.

What you will learn here?

  • Urdu Pronunciation, Most Tricky Parts of Writing

  • Urdu Grammar that will help you to understand Urdu language sentence structure

  • A Huge List of Most common sentences and conversations that truly will help you to communicate without any trouble

  • A Wide range of Urdu Vocabulary will help you to create your own sentences.

  • Record Your sound, and get Feedback from me!

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Friday, May 3, 2019

Graphic Design Theory Course - Udemy discount coupon for June 2020

Just learning Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or any other Graphic Software is not enough. Learning tools never make you a professional graphic designer. Designing techniques able you to create an awesome design. And for learning designing techniques, you need to study a complete graphic design theory.
That’s why I am here to help you. Because most of the institutes and teachers teach you just tools. They don’t teach you design techniques. And I will teach you design techniques.
A complete step by step solution to be a professional graphic designer and creating stunning graphic design
·         Design Theory
·         Visual Elements
·         Design Principles
·         Color Mixing and Harmony
·         Typography
·         Design Process
·         Get Creative Ideas for great graphic design
·         & Much More!
·         Updated and added more content Frequently (on basics of your questions & needs)
If you are a beginner and have no idea about graphic design. Then, to know all basic of graphic design is a good start for you to go further with confidence. This course will make your base strong.
If you are intermediate trying to create some graphic design, but your designs are ugly or you are not getting ideas for creating good design, then this course will able you to create very attractive and stunning graphic designs. 

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Monday, November 6, 2017

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Learn Urdu Alphabet in Bollywood song style

Urdu alphabet song

Muhammad Nabeel created this funny song for urdu learners, so that they can easily learn urdu alphabet.

Monday, September 25, 2017

1000 English Idioms and Phrases by Muhammad Nabeel

Enhance your speaking skills and listening comprehension by learning English idiomatic expressions
Welcome to another new exciting book of Coach Shane’s English expression series. In this book, you would find 1000 English idioms and phrases with practical examples, dialogues/conversations and explanations.

In this version, I made many changes compare to previous version. Because, I rearranged all English idiomatic expressions in alphabetically order, so you can use this book like an American idioms dictionary. Also, you would find some illustrated pictures in some places.
In previous edition, I have received some complains, so that’s why, I fixed many things in this edition. I tried to explain the English phrasal verbs and idioms in detail. You would know how to use them effectively.
I picked up these common English expressions from sitcoms, movies, news, etc. Having learned these sayings, idioms and phrasal verbs, you would be able to understand movies, sitcoms, and news.

I hope this book would be a great book for intermediate and advanced level ESL (English as a second langue) peoples.

Price $8.29