Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Learn English Expressions 011-to straighten out -- video lesson

Hay everyone; this is Muhammad Nabeel in Pakistan. Today we have very good phrasal verb. Sometimes in our relationship, we have misunderstanding. We angry with each other and the reason is not that good so we need to solve the problem; we need to resolve the arguments; we need to take care of problem and in this situation we have this phrasal verb ‘to straighten out’. It’s mean to take care or resolve something. You have a problem and you want to make it straight. Listen to the dialogue:

Professor duck was so rude to me.
He probably didn’t know you were a teacher.
I’m really mad.
I’ll go talk to him and straighten this out. Don’t worry.
I won’t be happy unless he apologizes.

 In this situation professor duck did not realize that other guy was a teacher so he is rude and this problem need to straighten out. I will see you next week bye

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Learn English Expression 0054 -- -- 3 Minute English Lesson- The apple of one's eye

Today we’ve a very nice expression. I guess, many of you may know the expression ‘the apple of one’s eye’; to be the apple of one’s eye. You can understand like that. So for example, Nabeel, that’s me, is the apple of his mother’s eye. What does that mean? That means that my mother cherish(es) me; she values me; I am the most important thing to her.
 So ‘to be the apple of someone’s eys means to be most important thing to that person; something that they cherish. It can refer to thing but almost always it refers to a person. Who is the apple of your eye? Somebody that you really cherish. When you see that person, immediately you smile and you feel warm and you feel love. Maybe it’s your pet. Some people really love their pets. It’s a nice expression. Let’s practice dialogue;

Adrey really brightens up when he sees his girls.
They’re the apple of his eye.
They look so cute!
Fortunately, they resemble their mother!!
Once again, who is the apple of your eye leave a response below and I will see you again tomorrow.bye

Thursday, April 16, 2015

English grammar course – free online lessons - introduction

In this course, you will learn complete English grammar lessons videos that will improve your writing skills and you will be able to use grammar rules correctly and properly. I have added the grammar exercise at the end of the every lesson, so you can test your skills. You will learn one lesson with exercise every week for free. I have included the all grammar topics in this program. Your video training will start with very basic sentence structure to very advance level rules. If you really want to improve your English writing skills, I highly recommend you to watch every video lesson that I would provide you once a week.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

03. Spoken English-- Conversation about patient with subtitle

This is a spoken English class and in this video we have English conversation between two peoples that are talking to each other about patient (with subtitle). So not only you will listen this dialogue but also you can read it. And you will improve your listening and speaking skills very fast. Every week I will give you a lesson on different conversation topics. And you will see how these short dialogues will help you to learn English language.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Daily Easy English Expression 0053 - Keep it down! - 3 Minute Lesson

Hy everyone, this is Muhammad Nabeel in Pakistan. The best English expression channel on YouTube is my honor to have you. Keep it down this sound connects and these are two similar sounds so we just keep the d. ‘keep it down’ no body says that, you have to say ‘keepid’ down.
 So somebody is talking to loud or if somebody has music to loud, if someone is trying to study to loud then say ‘keep it down’. Keep the noise down, keep the volume down, be quite, and don’t say shut up. This is fighting word. Somebody says shut up, you may fight. Don’t say this to your boss “oh boss come one, keep it down.” It’s not funny. Use it your friend or with your family, people with the same level, other students, that’s the idea. Listen to the conversation;
Come on keep it down
What this song is so cool –
Its stupid and the singer is horrible
That singer is my hero and the song is so deep
What a fantastic song but its volume is to loud please keep it down and I will be back tomorrow. Bye