Tuesday, June 2, 2015

English idioms and phrases - idiomatic expressions # 13 – Those poor children

Hay everyone. I am Muhammad Nabeel. Welcome to the English idioms and phrases lesson. Today we’ve a great but sad idiomatic expression ‘those poor children’
In this case ‘poor’ means
helpless. those helpless children, people or animals. So when they are victims something; some sort of tragedy then we say those poor children. So there is a war, earthquake, storm or some sort of tragedy where people become victim and they are helpless then we can use this expression.
 Let’s listen to the dialogue:

Those poor children. Why do wars mostly affect poor people?
I hate wars.
We need to tell our leaders “no more war”
We have to

I use in this sentence two meaning. First meaning is helpless and second meaning of the poor is ‘poverty’; people that have no wealth. That’s it and I’ll see you in English idioms and phrases lesson #14. Good bye.

English idioms and phrases lesson in Urdu:

یہ   اسکا مطلب ہے بے یارمدد گار لوگ، بچے یا جانور۔ اگر کسی قسم کی ناگہانی آفت آجائے مثال کے طور پر زلزلہ، طوفان، سیلاب یا جنگ وغیرہ تو اس آفت کا جو شکار ہوں گے ان لوگوں کو ہم کہیں گے those poor children  عام طور پر زیادہ تر آفتوں کا شکار  غریب لوگ ہی ہوا کرتے ہیں۔ اس طرح ایک تو  poor کا مطلب غریب ہے اور دوسرا مطلب بے یارومددگار یا  مجبور ہے۔

Coach shane’s daily easy english expression # 23 video & transcript:


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