Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Learn English Expressions 011-to straighten out -- video lesson

Hay everyone; this is Muhammad Nabeel in Pakistan. Today we have very good phrasal verb. Sometimes in our relationship, we have misunderstanding. We angry with each other and the reason is not that good so we need to solve the problem; we need to resolve the arguments; we need to take care of problem and in this situation we have this phrasal verb ‘to straighten out’. It’s mean to take care or resolve something. You have a problem and you want to make it straight. Listen to the dialogue:

Professor duck was so rude to me.
He probably didn’t know you were a teacher.
I’m really mad.
I’ll go talk to him and straighten this out. Don’t worry.
I won’t be happy unless he apologizes.

 In this situation professor duck did not realize that other guy was a teacher so he is rude and this problem need to straighten out. I will see you next week bye

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