Thursday, April 23, 2015

Learn English Expression 0054 -- -- 3 Minute English Lesson- The apple of one's eye

Today we’ve a very nice expression. I guess, many of you may know the expression ‘the apple of one’s eye’; to be the apple of one’s eye. You can understand like that. So for example, Nabeel, that’s me, is the apple of his mother’s eye. What does that mean? That means that my mother cherish(es) me; she values me; I am the most important thing to her.
 So ‘to be the apple of someone’s eys means to be most important thing to that person; something that they cherish. It can refer to thing but almost always it refers to a person. Who is the apple of your eye? Somebody that you really cherish. When you see that person, immediately you smile and you feel warm and you feel love. Maybe it’s your pet. Some people really love their pets. It’s a nice expression. Let’s practice dialogue;

Adrey really brightens up when he sees his girls.
They’re the apple of his eye.
They look so cute!
Fortunately, they resemble their mother!!
Once again, who is the apple of your eye leave a response below and I will see you again tomorrow.bye

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