Thursday, March 19, 2015

Daily Easy English Expression 0055 -- 3 Minute Lesson- picky

Hay everyone; this is Muhammad Nabeel in Pakistan. Today we have a very useful expression. If someone is picky that means they look at every little thing and they say “no, yes, little more, too much, I don’t like it, ok,” this is being picky. So when I shoot my videos, the center has to be perfect; my hair has to be perfect, that is being a little picky. Some times when we eat food, some people are really picky. So for example, I like bread but with a just little bit an onion, two or three small dots of mustered, and one line of ketchup, of course the bunch should be toasted. And I want ketchup on the side.
So if you are too meticulous, if you are too perfect and everything has to be just right, you are picky. Are you picky? Do you think I am picky? I wonder what your response will be. What are you picky about? For me, I think, I am not too picky. Well, maybe I am picky when it comes to food, and it has to be just right. And when I do my lessons and I edit my videos, I try to get everything just right. I am a little picky. What do you think? Who is the pickiest English teacher? Who is the pickiest person around you?
I want you to give me an example when you are picky or maybe your brother, your sister, somebody around you. Tell me when they are picky and I will see you guys tomorrow. Bye

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